Tuesday, January 29, 2008

10 rules to rule them all?

The same ten rules, devised by a fella called Thring in 1857, have assisted and inspired the development and governing of the four very popular sporting codes in Australia.

Aussies call three of them football. The game some people call soccer is the one I'm most interested in. It's football to me and a lot of other people - predominantly immigrants mind you. But c'mon. A game you play with your feet? Makes sense to call it football doesn't it.

Not here obviously. And in a country notorious for simplicity in the naming things, I struggle to understand why.

A redback spider is called a redback spider because it's got a red back.
A blue tongue lizard is called a blue tongue lizard because it's got a blue tongue
75 mile beach is called ... well let's just say you don't need a measuring tape.

But three out of four codes - that's rugby league, rugby union and australian rules - are called football. Like a wise cartoon of johnny cochrane once famously said in an episode of South Park - that don't make no sense! Yes, before you ask, it is true Union, League, Aussie Rules and proper football have all developed from the same set of rules. Yet, the one that seems to be the least popular is the one the national team are no good at. Coincidence?

I'm looking for a response. I want to understand it better. 'It' being football in Australia. I'm writing to help me get my head round it.

And I'm really struggling to get my hands on some proper football fiction. Of any description. I'd appreciate any help.

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